Steve Thorne, Bendigo South-East Secondary College (Flora Hill Campus), Fiona Buley, Regional Office
Pedagogy and Space Design Team Project: Personalised Learning in Literacy
The Design Team Project was funded by the Innovation and Next Practice Division of the DEECD. This project was in the “pedagogy and space” category, which meant that the project was to be focused around innovative teaching and learning made possible by flexible learning spaces. Given the context of the Flora Hill campus in 2007-2008, trialling the project in the new spaces was not possible therefore the model developed had the BEP end in mind, but needed to be practical in current facilities.
The aim of the project was to personalise learning for students in their Literacy classes through the use of Individual Learning Plans to accurately diagnose, plan and conduct targeted teaching to student’s literacy levels and learning styles. This was structured around the use of different texts the students studied but also included a core Literacy component delivered by the Learning Team Mentors.
A flowchart outlining the process undertaken to personalise student's literacy learning
The Literacy Learning Plan developed