E5 Instructional Model

What is the E5 instructional model?
The model provides a common language for teachers to describe and discuss quality instruction. It is based on 5 phases of instruction: Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate and Evaluate. It describes what teachers operating at different levels do in their instructional practice, and therefore provides a tool for teachers to reflect on their own teaching practice and to see what they should do to move to the next level. The descriptors at each level are evidence-based and describe what you would see or hear teachers doing in the classroom.

How does the E5 instructional model relate to the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PoLT)?
The E5 instructional model does not replace PoLT! In fact, the E5 is very closely linked in with the PoLT in that POLT describes WHAT good teachers do in the classroom, and the E5 describes HOW this happens.

When is the E5 being released?
The E5 Instructional Model will be officially launched in March of 2009.

Relevant Documents and Links

The Primary Connections Website has simple descriptions of each of the phases of E5.
E5 Inquiry Approach Lesson Planning Framework
An elaboration of the Primary Connections E5 Teaching and Learning Framework

E5 Curriculum Planner

An example of a unit planned using E5