Flexible Groupings

Although it is difficult to find readings on how to group students flexibly in the classroom, this is related to differentiating instruction, and so a number of the readings linked below are on this topic, or have sections about grouping students flexibly.

Resources and Links

Mapping a Route Towards Differentiated Instruction (Carol Ann Tomlinson)
http://www.adifferentplace.org/differentiated.htm A Different Place website
Differentiating Instruction: Finding Manageable Ways to Meet Individual Needs (Scott Willis & Larry Mann)
Differentiated Instruction, Effective Classroom Practices Report
Powerpoint on Flexible Grouping Practices
Linking Pedagogy and Space (Dr Kenn Fisher)
Grouping Pupils for Success
How do secondary school teachers choose within-class student grouping strategies? (Peter Kutnick) From the website http://www.standards.dcsf.gov.uk/research/themes/pupil_grouping/secondary_student_grouping/