Chris Tramm, Bendigo South-East Secondary College (Golden Square Campus)
Personalised Learning in Year 9 Literacy

This project investigated new ideas to personalise learning in the year 9 Literacy classroom. The classroom environment was analysed and was physically restructured to be more conducive to a variety of different learning activities, including break-out spaces. Diagnostic testing and students’ personal self-assessment of their literacy levels combined to form the basis of each student’s ‘Personalised Literacy’ (PL) Folder. Students’ PL folder served as a learning plan outlining their goals for literacy. Teaching was differentiated by introducing the Guided Reading & Guided Writing teaching strategies adapted from the Early Years Literacy Program as a model. This incorporated flexible groupings of students and multiple learning environments working simultaneously. Students were offered literacy choices to personalize their literacy learning through focused activities which highlighted reading, writing, grammar or speaking & listening.

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