Heather Bish, Eaglehawk Secondary College
“Art is the Queen of all Sciences” .......Celebrating the creative thinker through Art and Science Transdisciplinary Learning.

Heather focused on creative problem solving and attempted to embrace this concept through the creation of transdisciplinary exemplars for use in the DaVinci Studios.
The first unit was targeted at level 5 and was called Did you see that? A microscopic approach to the art of noticing and recreating detail”. In this unit students would learn about observation skills and drawing skills as they relate to both Art and Science, particularly in the use of the Microscope.

The second unit involves Art, Science, Technology and the unknown, is called “Have we gone too far?”, with a focus on gene technology and ethics.

The third unit was “The importance of Oil and Water”, which was trialled from an Art perspective, with students experimenting with oil and water based materials. The Science connection was initially intended to involve environmental issues, but the links between the disciplines were not sufficiently concrete and its suitability as a transdisciplinary unit was questioned.

Heather's Knowledge Bank report
Heather's powerpoint on Transdisciplinary Art-Science units she developed. Please note that this powerpoint was initially too large to upload onto the wikispace, and has been reduced in size. For the complete version contact Heather Bish at Eaglehawk SC.

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