Julie Sturges, Eaglehawk Secondary College
Transdisciplinary Learning unit, and Stage-related Literacy resources

A Transdisciplinary English/Science unit focused on Genetic Engineering titled ‘Just because we can, should we?’ was developed. This unit was trialled from the English perspective only. Heather Bish later provided the Arts perspective in a unit entitled ‘Have we gone too far?’ . The "Have we gone too far?" unit was trialled concurrently with Julie's unit. In the new school, it would be possible to deliver this as one true transdisciplinary unit in the Da Vinci studio and Learning Neighbourhood.
In order to support the teaching of English through stage-related learning, Julie has produced (and is continuing to produce) a number of stage-related resources. These have been organised into folders containing ideas and resources, both book-based and online. The aim is that teachers teaching a particular type of writing (e.g. Persuasive Writing) will be able to access a folder which will have a variety of ideas and resources to support them in providing activities to support the variety of ability levels in a class. This work was based on the West Australian First Steps program and is not intended as complete units of work but rather ideas and resources which can be used in the teaching of a unit of work. The intention is that these folders are ‘works in progress’ and over time teachers add to the folders as they use them.

The "Just because we can, should we?" Transdisciplinary Inquiry Unit

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